The Way Back to Freedom

In order to preserve and expand government programs such as Medicare, Social Security, and all the new ones being proposed, government must have money. A poor country could not create programs because there would be no capital to tax and redistribute. The current American government was elected to “fix” the failing economy, to “make it work” again. It’s seeking to do this by taxing the private, capitalized sector and spending money as never before. The government is telling the people: “Don’t worry. Taxing and spending will solve our problems and everything will be fine again.” But they define “fine” as having more and more government programs that redistribute wealth, and having everyone on national health insurance rather than only the elderly and the poor. This will cost trillions of dollars in government money, but it will do absolutely nothing to create more revenue and wealth in the private sector.

Most Americans have yet to grasp that our current government is on a mission of what they consider morality–not a mission to “fix the economy.” Politicians are using the current crisis as an opportunity to nationalize and socialize major sectors of the economy. By spending and raising taxes, more money will be removed from the private sector than ever before. It means it will be that much more difficult–perhaps even impossible–for the private sector to recover from the current economic downturn. Even if it recovers a little, the effect of the spending and the tax increases (already enacted, and those yet to come) will beat the economy back down. This happened during the New Deal presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Just as the Great Depression economy started to recover in a timid manner, it would go into another “mini-Depression” or recession due to the expansion of government spending and taxation. Myth holds that World War II ended the Great Depression, but it was only the post-war recovery “boom” that brought a reasonable amount of prosperity back to America.

Economists are warning that the trillions of dollars in deficits now being created by Congress and the President are taking us into uncharted waters. How right they are! The only response from our President is “not to worry” because, he believes, government can tax and spend its way into prosperity. Congress doesn’t reply at all, other than to propose to spend another trillion dollars every time there’s either good or bad news. This is the fiscal and political equivalent of a drunken rampage never before seen in our nation’s history. It has to stop, but it will also have to be reversed. When the politicians’ party ends, and the economy is facing complete ruin, somebody will have to cut government spending (and taxes) by literally trillions of dollars. That will be the only way to rebuild our economy.

Those who care about what the United States originally stood for must now begin planning and arguing for the way back to freedom. It’s ironic that the advocates of Big Government will, in the end, destroy the government they so cherish by bankrupting it. There’s a certain odd justice in that, isn’t there.