Health Care Underground

Did you know that the Canadian government spends over $1 billion each year for Canadians to receive medical treatment in the United States?

If national health insurance is so great, then why must the Canadian government, which provides national health insurance, rely on the American private sector to handle much of its medical care?

How much more scarce will health care in Canada become once the U.S. government has totally taken over health care in the United States–something being legislated (although not debated) as I write this?

And: Where will Canadians, to say nothing of Americans, go for medical treatment once there is no private sector in health care left anywhere in the world?

I comfort myself with one last remaining hope: That in the United States, there will at least be a private sector of medical care–where profit and trade are still allowed–as with private schools. At least those who can manage to save the money will have the option to get genuine health care, at a price. Doctors and patients who want nothing to do with the government will, I hope, create their own parallel world where medical care is paid for as a quality product, not a mediocre “right” handed out by the government, worth little or nothing. This will be all that’s left of freedom and innovation in the medical profession on planet Earth. I’m not sure how well it will work, but it’s really our only hope.

I am convinced that our current Congress and President would never permit this, but a future Congress and/or President, less inclined to command-and-control socialism, might insist on it. Assuming we continue to have elections and freedom of dissension, that is.

Now more than ever: Stay healthy!