Dealing With Another’s “Spin”

People in general, not just politicians, have their “spin.” The issue is communication. The key to communication is following the facts and logic relayed by the person speaking to you. Facts and logic are the means by which you evaluate what they’re saying as completely right, completely wrong, or “unsure.” Manipulative people, instead of presenting facts and logic, attempt to invoke emotions. They attempt to flatter you, humiliate you, intimidate you, or even confuse you. They do this because they have no reasoning or facts, or because they don’t care about reasoning and facts. The way not to succumb to a manipulative person’s “spin” is to keep the focus where it belongs: What is he or she saying? What is the chain of logic being presented, and on what facts does it rely? I’m not saying it’s wrong for emotion to be present. But if these things are NOT present, you have a big problem.