The Legalization of Plunder

If the government borrows the money for the stimulus, then it will either have to print money later or raise taxes to pay it back. If the government raises taxes to pay for the stimulus, it will, in effect, be robbing Peter to pay Paul. If the government prints the money, it will increase inflation, which will decrease the value of the dollar. That would, in effect, rob Paul to pay Paul back with devalued currency. Taking money out of the private economy–either through taxes or inflation–and spending it in a way that doesn’t offset the loss of money with real economic gains is worse than doing nothing. — Dick Armey

This is why I vote for doing nothing! If government won’t act now to restore freedom, individual rights and capitalism across the board — the next best thing is to do NOTHING. At least they won’t do more damage than has already been done. At least there will be less damage to undo, when and if the country ever wakes up and accepts the requirements of a free economy. It’s encouraging to read of some opposition to Obama’s plan, especially opposition of the sort articulated by Armey. It would be wonderful to repeat the Clinton health care debacle of 1994 by destroying Obama’s hopes of passing anything. I realize this is an unlikely outcome. I also realize that doing nothing still leaves us with the previous mess of a mixed private-socialist economy, with “capitalism” getting all the blame. But sometimes, in life, all you can do is stop evil and stupidity in its tracks. Then, later on, you’re left to advance the right course of action. If America goes down the path of outright socialism and nationalization, as currently proposed by the White House and the majority in Congress, then America will be too poor a place for much left to debate.