Car Wreck

People debate the government “rescue” of the American car industry. It’s no debate. Nobody ever questions the premise that government even CAN “save” the car industry, much less should even try.

Here’s what General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz recently had to say on the subject of government intervention in the auto industry: “With fuel prices declining, government mandates that auto makers build highly fuel-efficient cars will be no more effective than combating obesity by forcing clothing manufacturers to make only small sizes. It puts us in the industry in the position where we are at war with the customer.”

Actually, so does ALL government intervention in the economy. Government intervention in the economy starts with government subsidy of what was once a private industry. Government is in the process of taking over both banking and automobiles. Health care is soon to follow. Government uses force and coercion to replace shopping on the part of the consumer. Government makes choices FOR the customer. Mixing government and economy is like mixing government and religion, or government and journalism. There is one size fits all–regardless of what makes rational sense, and regardless of what individuals want.

I don’t believe that most Americans are ready for this or want this. Yet this is what they’re about to get. Let’s see how well it works out for those who currently want to “give the new President” a chance.