Move Out of My Way!

Get out of your own way. Stop holding on to policies, ideas and behaviors that don’t work. If you’re happy, then fine. But if you’re unhappy, this is an indicaiton that you’re in your own way. The biggest single mistake people make when they start to feel unhappy is assuming someone or something else is doing this to them. While others certainly can contribute to your unhappiness, they cannot (short of kidnapping or physically restraining you) be the CAUSE of it. If you’re basically free, then the cause of your unhappiness, you can be sure, lies within yourself. This is glorious news! It means you have the power to change it. Blaming others is the worst thing you can do to yourself. By blaming others, you place yourself in permanent victim status. Victims are dependent. They are subject to the parasitism of those who “help” and “aid” (translation: control) them. This is no place to be, and only makes a bad situation worse. Get out of your own way. Start by showing yourself how you are NOT the victim of anyone except for yourself. You can start changing this right now.