History Isn’t Racial

I don’t understand something. I’m supposed to be overjoyed because America has a (half) black President, and it’s a historic occasion. I’m supposed to water down my criticism of this new President because of the historic nature of the occasion. Presumably, to do otherwise is racist.

But I am convinced this President will take us down the wrong path. I am certain this his policies of over-the-top government spending, socialized medicine and pacifism towards the most dangerous enemies in human history will be destructive. These policies were not effective under his predecessor, so intensifying them clearly does not seem like a good idea.

Given my positions, wouldn’t it be racist NOT to oppose this new President? To support him, or to water down my criticism, because of his race would … well, it would be racism. Racism consists of elevating race to the top of an appraisal. If you give someone undeserved praise because of their race, you’re no less racist than if you give them undeserved condemnation.

I’m no racist. I couldn’t care less what the race of the President is. I only care what his ideas are–and whether or not he will seek to implement them. I sure hope this one doesn’t.