Who Tells You What to Do?

If others shouldn’t tell you what to do, then who should? THINKING tells you what to do. Thinking is based on two things: (1) Facts and (2) reasoning, via logic. Include all relevant facts so you are thorough and honest with yourself, in your thinking. Errors in reasoning are always possible but never inevitable. Reasoning and facts are all you have — but that’s a lot!

This frightens some people, but it’s an irrational fear.

Mankind has made a lot of errors — including some huge ones — although the worst ones have come from dishonesty and evasion, not from honest errors in reasoning. The same applies to any given individual, including you. Instead of finding someone to tell you what to do, simply reason and think. Your mind, based on observation of the external world, should tell you what to do. Others can help you in this process. Others can discover facts you miss. Others can reason something out in a way that makes total sense to you, so there’s no need to rethink it. But even in accepting the conclusions of others, you’re still thinking. There’s no escaping the requirement to think. More importantly, there’s no need to WANT to escape it.