Appeasement in Our Time

President-elect Barack Obama is likely to create a new senior administrative post to work on bettering relations with Iran. The post will supposedly reduce the risk of nuclear war with Iran and pave the way for Obama and the Iranian dictators to meet.

Usually, you wonder if a new President will keep his campaign promises. Presumably, you hope that he will — and fear that he won’t. Obama seems hellbent on keeping the worst of his campaign promises. Like Jimmy Carter back in the 1970s, he believes that people who openly seek to destroy others can be reasoned with. How? No answer is ever given, and no proof will ever be provided — because it’s impossible.

It makes no more sense to reason with the Iranian regime than it would to take a killer off death row and suddenly expect him to see the light after extensive “negotiations.” To Obama and those who support him on this, it’s not about whether his policy of appeasement is reasonable. His intentions are “good” in their eyes, and therefore, to them, it logically follows that his policies make sense. When Iran eventually drops a nuclear bomb on, say, Israel, or explodes a dirty bomb in, say, New York harbor– well, none of it will change the fact that Obama’s intentions were “good.”

Some will claim that diplomacy must be given a chance. Well, the Bush Administration has been furiously engaging in diplomacy with Iran for the last several years. During this time, Iran has continued to build nuclear weapons, openly and proudly, expressing more hostility than ever towards the United States and all things Western. Remember the killers who plotted 9/11? Iran represents the exact same mentality, only in the context of an actual government. That’s much more dangerous. And we’re about to treat them as reasonable partners in world peace? The last President to experiment with appeasement on this scale was Jimmy Carter. His term ended with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iranian takeover of the American embassy, where Americans were held hostage for over a year.

One wonders how Obama’s time in office will end.