Mad About Success

You’re not entitled to success. How do I know this? Because there’s nobody doing the entitling. Success is not the result of some unseen Santa Claus giving it away. Success comes from effort, but it also comes from other things. It comes from pleasing people who want what you have to offer. It comes from doing what you do well — not just working hard at it, but doing it well. It comes from doing what you do well and with a certain grace, art or style. Success is multi-causal. It takes a lot of things to bring it about — and not all of it is under your control. It makes sense to be disappointed or hurt when you don’t achieve the success you want. But if makes even more sense to persist, which often works at eventually persuading the people you want to persuade. Sometimes it makes sense to abandon your efforts and start a new one. Many options are available, but all of them make more sense than standing still and being angry. This anger comes from a sense that you’re entitled to success. You’re not. I’m not, either. None of us are. Accept this fact and liberate yourself from your anger. Then, the whole world will be open to you.