Where Greed Comes From

Greed doesn’t happen in a rational, self-responsible context. Greed happens in an emotional context of entitlement. “I should have this … I am entitled to this … I WILL have this!” Witness the feeding frenzy in Washington DC to bail out and give billions of dollars in “free money” away on a scale never before witnessed in human history. Everyone feels entitled to money that isn’t theirs. Why? Because they suffer, and for no other reason. It’s both spectacular and horrifyng to behold. There is no brake to be found on this — not from Democrats, not from Republicans, not from liberals, not from conservatives. It’s almost as if there are two camps in this country. One are those who want to give away other people’s money to those who think they’re entitled. They only debate is over how much to reward to which entitled group. This give-it-away camp completely controls the government at present: Bush, Obama, and nearly all of the Congress. How big is the other camp — the rest of the people out there who oppose this massive transfer of wealth, on principle? How great in number are those who see this as unconstitutional, immoral, and economically suicidal? That remains to be seen. Just keep in mind that capitalism and freedom are not the cause of “greed.” The politicization of the world is.