Do It, Then Forget It

Problems with procrastination? Stop thinking and talking about it. Start the day with ONE thing you have been putting off. Get that one thing done. Then forget about what you have been putting off. Dwelling on what you put off doesn’t solve anything, and it brings you down. It’s best to just DO IT and stop analyzing the whole thing. What will happen as the days go by — say, 30 days — is that you’ll be a lot more caught up (or a lot less behind) than you were before. This can only be a good thing. Telling yourself to “stop procrastinating” isn’t enough. This is too vague, too general, too overloading. Just forget about it and get one thing done per day that you had been putting off. Also, don’t think of yourself as someone who ‘procrastinates.’ Don’t label yourself this way. This can become kind of an excuse; or a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, focus outside yourself. What has NOT been done? What CAN be done today? Do that one thing. Then forget about it.