Emotional Interpretation

Usually the term “interpretation” is thought of as a conscious, somewhat intellectual process. However, we all “auto-interpret.” Automatic interpretations refer to the reasoning that takes place in our minds on the split-second, often very emotional level. This is the level outside of immediate awareness. Auto-interpretations, when subjected to rational evaluation, can be true or false; valid or invalid; sensible or silly. That’s not the point here. The point here is that they occur. We all must accept the fact that our minds make automatic interpretations. We are all responsible for using our conscious and reasoning minds for figuring which of those interpretations make logical and factual sense, and which ones don’t. This is a very important part of dealing with various life situations at work or in the world-at-large; and it’s absolutely crucial for dealing with friendships and marital relationships. In short: You’re interpreting and assuming things whether you realize it or not. Your job, through introspection and self-reflection, is to figure out what your mind is doing, and steering it in the direction it needs to go.