Who Cares about Reality? We Have Laws!

We live in the age of “there awwta be a law.”

Too many people earning too little money? “There awwta be a law to raise the minimum wage.”

Businesses hire fewer people because they can’t afford to pay the higher minimum wage? “There awwta be a law to expand jobless benefits and free health insurance.”

Taxes must be hiked — and the national debt sent into the trillions — to finance all these expanding and growing “free” benefits? “There awwta be a law to print more money.”

Inflation returns at higher levels than we ever had before? “There awwta be a law to …..” (We’re not there yet, but check back in a couple of years) I have an easier solution. Let’s just outlaw pain, suffering and economic trouble. Let’s pass a law requiring the stock market to keep going UP so that people don’t lose money in their retirement accounts. Let’s pass a law requiring that all medical care will be free. If this makes doctors unhappy, then let’s just pass a law requiring that doctors be happy.

If laws are the answer to everything, and if laws can be counted on to alter outcomes without altering the nature of reality, then why not just have one law to take care of everything?