If Obama Wins Big, Something is Over

A victory for Obama will mean one of two things: Either the end of America, or the end of liberalism as we know it.

Obama’s socialism cannot work. Socialism fails every time it’s tried. People who oppose socialism often say it’s moral, but it’s not practical. Obama says socialism is moral — and that’s really all that matters. The fact is: Socialism is both immoral and impractical. It denies the right of private property, it obliterates the right of the individual, and it destroys the only system that can lift the standard of living for everyone. Socialism does not produce economic growth; it only produces stagnation and depravity. There’s nothing moral or practical about it.

If Obama wins big, and subsequently joins forces with the likes of Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi to impose socialism on the USA, then it will be the end of the country. Our economy and our nation, in terms of morale, will suffer losses from which it will never recover — or that will take so long to recover from, most of us will never live to see it.

If Obama wins big and then fails politically, or people realize in time the horrific mistake his policies would involve — then that will be the end of liberalism as we know it. This would make Obama’s win, in hindsight, a very good thing for the future of America.

I cannot predict how it will go. Nobody can. But if Obama wins big this week, as some anticipate, we’re all going to find out.