Liberal Democrats and the Marx Question

I think it’s wonderfully refreshing that a newscaster in Florida asked the Democratic vice-presidential nominee a question based on fundamentals.

In case you didn’t hear, Senator Joseph Biden was asked to defend how Obama is NOT a socialist, since his stated philosophy of spreading the wealth is consistent with Karl Marx’s credo, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” To a great degree, both Democrats and Republicans operate on this credo. However, Democrats do it more, and they do it with the full force of moral reasoning behind them. They should be asked to defend their premises, and to take responsibility for their reasoning. Instead, the Obama-Biden administration (oh, excuse me–we’re not there yet) has pulled the plug on all future interviews with the station who employed the brave reporter who dared to ask this question. I expect this will continue after January 20, and will be the policy against any media outlet who dares to challenge the Anointed One in any intellectually or politically tender area. This reaction proves the truth of another principle of human behavior: Those who have no answer will tolerate no dissension.