Finding Your Passion

Q: Sometimes I’m jealous of those who have a steadfast passion for a concrete professional goal or at least a general career, and don’t get too obsessed with all the possibilities their choices have excluded.

The presence of a passion in another’s life does not exclude or diminish the possibility for you to have one too. If anything, the presence of passion in another’s life enhances the likelihood of such a passion in your life; if they can have that, you can too. It’s not a mystery or mystical process. It’s the conscious development of a series of steps over time. Sometimes people know what they want to do, can’t wait to start, and develop their talent over many decades. Others start with something they like only slightly, and discover that it develops into something they love. Passion does involve a commitment, meaning a dedication to one particular activity over an indefinite period of time. In a sense, it’s true that committing to one passion excludes other choices. Yet, the refusal to commit to any one thing means the elimination of ALL choices.

Commitment does not reduce choice; it honors it.