Too Stupid to be President

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” –Winston Churchill

Obama’s proposals to sit down with overt killers and terrorists and “make peace” with them bring to mind Churchill’s wise comment. Obama is not merely too young to be Commander-in-Chief. He’s too wrong to be Commander-in-Chief. It would be paranoid to suggest that he’s on the other side, and that he’s anti-American–his prior associations with anti-American militants and his wife’s open loathing of America notwithstanding. Yet, if he WERE overtly on the other side, his policies would be exactly the right ones to pursue: Pretend we have no enemies. Slowly dismantle our defense and instead spend it on national health care and other welfare state “goodies”–if you can call government services by such a name. Express outrage when a dangerous thug invades an innocent country or even detonates nuclear weapons on Israeli or American soil…but otherwise do nothing. Can you imagine a better set of circumstances for dangerous killers around the globe?

More dangerous–and more disturbing–than any suggestion that Obama secretly sides with enemies of freedom is the startling perception implied by Churchill’s quote. It’s possible that Obama really does believe that feeding a crocodile, rather than killing or caging it, will somehow save us from being eaten. If this is so, then Obama is simply too stupid to be President. The last President we had who was this stupid, when it came to understanding the nature of criminals, was Jimmy Carter. We still pay for his policies today. Is even one term of a President Obama worth it?