2008: Year of the Establishment

U.S. Senators are the worst candidates for President. They are the least accountable of all elected officials. They don’t answer to the voters as often
as Congressmen, Governors and even sitting Presidents. They get to spend six years in office meddling in the lives of private citizens and growing the
government not only way beyond what our founders intended, but way beyond the previous six years. In this respect, McCain and Obama are no different from each other–only McCain has been at it much longer. It’s true that McCain would make a better Commander-in-Chief than Obama, but this is like saying that you’re better off with an architect who has built numerous bad houses as opposed to someone claiming to be an architect who has never built a house at all, and who actually doesn’t like houses much. Isn’t it ironic that all of the major contenders for President this year — McCain, Hillary Clinton, Obama — are Senators? There’s no longer even any pretense of electing an “outsider.” The establishment has won … at least for now.