What’s So Bad About Profit?

If profit is so bad, then doesn’t this mean that the service or product being provided–for a profit–is bad?

And if all these products and services are so bad–then why are they voluntarily paid for? Joe sells something to Tom that Tom wants. Joe makes a profit. But Tom profits as well, because he would rather have the product or service than the money he gave up. If Joe’s profit is bad and immoral–isn’t Tom’s, as well?

I understand that fraud is bad. If Joe claims to sell Tom a working television and it turns out the television doesn’t work–and Joe even knows it–then of course Joe is being bad.

But most transactions are not fraudulent. Only a minority are. And the evil, in those cases, is fraud–not profit. In fact, the evil in that case would be that Joe made a profit and Tom did not. When profit is mutual, it’s good. The more profit, the better.

It seems to me that mutual profit is a GOOD thing. Will somebody please explain to me why profit, capitalism and business are so bad?