An “I Wish” Based Presidency

Didn’t you just love the Obama “Gee, Look at Me, I’m a President!” tour? A lot of us can still grasp that wishing something doesn’t merely make it so. Yet, Obama is on his way to being Commander-in-Chief with not an ounce of foreign policy experience, nor really any experience that has made equally young Presidents (such as JFK and Bill Clinton) perceived as ready for such high office. Nearly any of the contenders in Obama’s party would have been infinitely more qualified, in terms of experience. But evidently in America 2008, wishing is all you need to make it so.

There’s a certain logical irony to all this. Obama is running on a platform of WISHING that there can be peace with Iran, despite daily and bellicose actions and statements on the part of that regime overwhelmingly to the contrary; of WISHING that there can be health care for all with no consequences to the quality of that medical care and the rights of doctors; of WISHING that the problems in real estate and the mortgage industry can be solved by more of the same government regulation combined with massive and unprecedented hikes in income and capital gains taxes.

I suppose that in a society where a majority have succumbed to the imagined power of WISHING over the actual potency of reality, an I-wish based presidency is what we get. Good luck, America. You’re going to be wishing for a lot of it if this guy wins.