The Green Movement

There are two types of environmentalists.

There are the majority, who are concerned about the plight of human life on earth if, say, global warming came to pass. And then there are the minority, who really don’t care about the fate of humanity on earth but are rather concerned with its destruction. They don’t care, for example, if agreements essentially outlawing the production of oil by 2050 destroy the benefits to human life of civilization as we know it. “Tough,” they imply or (in a few cases) have outright said. The anti-human minority are having much of the legwork for their cause done by the pro-human, pro-life-on-earth majority. Only when the gap between these two mindsets is explicitly exposed will we reach the point where the environmentalist movement, as we know it, will become irrelevant — and the majority will look to science and business, rather than political pressure groups, to help human beings evolve new forms of energy use.