Getting What She Deserves

I will be truly shocked if Hillary Clinton drops out of the presidential race any time soon.

I believe that she views the Presidency–much less the Democratic nomination–as her entitlement. I suspect she’s hurt and confused, because her constituency consists of people who likewise feel entitled to what they want in life, values to be obtained not through individual effort but through the coercion of political power. Hillary is no Horatio Alger or John D. Rockefeller or Bill Gates. Hillary’s life is not a story of rising to the occasion because of freedom. It’s a story of saying, “Damn it, I want this and I should get it. I suffered enough. It’s mine.” Most women and a sizable enough number of men were supposed to help her walk to the Democratic nomination and then win, perhaps narrowly, in November. It’s not working out that way, at least so far. She has been deserted in the name of celebrity and the sense of narcissistic entitlement of a different candidate for a different reason. If Hillary loses to Obama, she’ll lose on the very premise that she was counting on to win: “My rise to power would be historic–therefore you should support it.”

Reality is a tough, but inherently very fair and just place, isn’t it?