News Flash: Reality Is Your Friend!

I don’t believe in mystical devils and possessions.

But I do believe in their real-life equivalents. People actually create their own demons. No, they don’t mean to do so–but they still do. How? Mainly by refusing to face facts in front of them. They refuse to face facts because of fear. They operate on the premise that if they don’t face facts, all will be fine. But facts exercise their influence, and then the reason for fear becomes greater as the consequences of evasion grow. Fear of facts is probably the greatest phobia there is. When you face facts, you have nothing to fear. In most cases, you can do something about the unpleasant facts. In some cases, there is nothing you can do. But it’s still better to face them than not. It’s better to say, “These are the facts. I don’t like them. There’s nothing I can do about them. I have to live with them.” Because when you face them in this way, they no longer have unspoken power over you. You’re no longer running, and therefore you don’t have to hide. The unpleasant facts are unpleasant either way; but placing yourself in a position of perpetual hiding is much worse. The devil in humans are the metaphorical devils of evasion and denial. Liberate yourself from these habits, and reality–while not always pleasant–will usually be your friend, and never your enemy.