Not So Super Tuesday

What we need is less politics. Less politics would be the result of less government.

Government could focus exclusively on protecting individual rights, rather than granting group favors. The federal government, specifically, could focus almost exclusively on ridding us of violent enemies and preventing future attacks against our country. Instead, millions of Americans go to the polls today trying to select the candidate who will provide the greatest number of, and most valued, freebies. They will ignore the fact that the politicians they elect are not creating these goodies for them. The politicians are not the real-life equivalent of Santa Claus, who somehow has everything produced for him. These politicians, of both parties, are counting on real people voluntarily producing the billions of dollars in wealth to be redistributed in the Budgets of 2009-13. The greatest amount of this wealth comes from the hated “rich,” the people John Edwards (although rich himself) despises, and the people Hillary and Obama intensely dislike, and the people John McCain said didn’t need tax cuts back in 2001-02. I am a registered Independent so I cannot vote on Super Tuesday. I chose not to belong to either Party. I don’t regret my choice, because I would be hard-pressed to choose any candidate who operates on the flawed, corrupt premise that he who produces (whether a dollar or a million dollars) can be forced to hand it over to those with power.