Disagreement Is Lethal

People scratch their heads in amazement, and wonder why a Western woman who teaches kids in a Muslim country gets prison and the threat of lashings–merely for naming a teddy bear Mohammed?

I scratch my head in amazement, too–over the fact that people scratch their heads in amazement. Didn’t 9/11, all that led up to it, and all that has happened since teach us that proponents of Islam hate everything and everyone different from Islam?

It’s time to face facts. Muslims are intolerant. If you find an individual exception to this, in the form of a tolerant or “liberal” Muslim, then good for you–but the religion, on the whole, especially in more primitive and undeveloped parts of the world, explicitly stands for (and consistently practices) brutal, violent intolerance. Disagreement is lethal.

In order to defeat your enemy, you must first know it. To know something, you must be willing to face the truth, illustrated again and again by facts. The majority of those who scratch their heads over this incident demonstrate exactly why we’re still losing in the war against Islamic terrorism.