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Dr. Michael J. Hurd has been working with clients for over 35 years and has improved the lives of many, many people. Dr. Hurd uses his focused, common-sense approach of “Solutions-Not Excuses” to work closely with each individual. Whether you would like coaching/consultation via video call, telephone, email exchanges or live chat, Dr. Hurd is in a class by himself.

What’s in it for you?

  • Answers to your questions in terms you can understand
  • Help in finding solutions to current problems–here and now
  • Alternatives to the “victim” approach of blaming everything on your family, “society” or your biological make-up
  • Useful ideas about stress and time management
  • Assistance overcoming the twin problems of emotional repression and emotional over-indulgence
  • Practical suggestions for solving family or relationship conflicts
  • Help dealing with difficult people
  • Relevant articles and reading suggestions are often provided as part of the therapy process
  • Dr. Michael Hurd is a helper who is on your side, but will not lie to you

Policy on cancelled appointments: If a session can be changed to a different date in the same week, or if the cancelled slot is filled with another client, there will be no charge for a cancelled session. Otherwise, the full fee is charged.

No refunds for sessions once purchased.