Brawl at Italian parliament

epa02981183 Italian center-right FLI (Futuro e Liberta) deputy Claudio Barbaro (C-L) and Lega Nord Deputy Fabio Rainieri (R) struggle after Lega Nord deputy Marco Reguzzoni asked the chamber president Gianfranco Fini to resign 26 October 2011 at Montecitorio Palace in Rome, Italy. The lower house of the Italian parliament was suspended on 26 October after a brawl broke out between MPs over the government’s plans to modify the retirement age. At least two deputies from Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition partner the Northern League exchanged blows with members from the opposition FLI party of House Speaker Gianfranco Fini. Two deputies grabbed each other by the throat while other MPs tried to separate them and Deputy Speaker Rosy Bindi suspended the sitting for several minutes. The fight was apparently caused by comments made on television by Fini who alleged that the wife of League leader Umberto Bossi had retired at age 39. Marco Reguzzoni, head of the League MPs in the House, launched a strong attack on Fini and what he called his ‘inappropriate’ behaviour. EPA/GIUSEPPE LAMI +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++

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